It happened in the distant future-past, in the year 2020. Humankind on earth had reached a certain level of technological breakthroughs, though not as fast as earlier predicted. No flying cars, no interplanetary travel.

But they did have little handheld devices that held the entirety of humankind’s wisdom, attainable through a worldwide web of information. All questions could be answered by this device, simply by stating them out loud, and an answer would come. What time is it in Budapest right now? What will the weather be like in São Paulo tomorrow? What is the flight speed of an unladen African Swallow?

Did humankind use this power to better themselves and the planet?


They used this power to watch cat videos all day.

Thusly, the takeover by robots from space was not a difficult task. The records are unclear after that point, as the robots took down the “internet” (as it was called) as it was the easiest way to break the human’s spirit and make them slaves. They weren’t the best robots. They were assembled from loose parts and junk readily available on the planet. They were even referred to as “janky” in the parlance of the time.

If you receive any updates from that particular small blue planet, please inform the proper authorities. They will get back to you soon, unless they are busy watching cat videos.